There’s actually something going right.

In a world where there’s plenty to complain about in every industry, I must confess that the automotive industry is one of the few that sell products that still do what is advertised on the package.

We may not agree with all of their tactics, because auto manufacturers have a lot of different personalities to please but they keep cranking out hardware that performs as well as the printed advert. I only hope that they never find out that only a small percent of their consumers are truly testing the wares.

 It’s easy to be angry at Ford for making the Mustang Mach E (I know I am), but they are releasing the MBronco in the same year. Chevy hasn’t made a decent sedan since the he 1990’s, but the C8 knocked domestic car design out of the park.  Enthusiasts are in an uproar about the Toyota Supra but if your’re going to partner with anyone on earth to make your inline six, who better to trust than the people who powered the E46 M3? Today’s muscle cars are absurdly powerful And that’s what muscle cars were meant to be. Scary and barely drivable.

There’s more. Porsche, and Lamborghini constantly battle for Nurburgring supremacy as one would expect from such fabled supercar marks.  Japanese companies are cranking out staples like the Civic (which are still freakishly light) and well balanced sports cars with restrained horsepower like the 400z, BRZ, Supra, WRX and Miata. Land Rover still have magical off-road powers and Aston Martin still manufactures drivable sculptures.  And let’s face it, Ferrari is still the envy of the Luxor’s sport automotive world. Even Ford has made not one, but two GT cars and even won LeMans with one.

Car companies Like Koenigsegg still make sure that their 278 mile per hour Agera RS is capable of 278 miles per hour. All of this despite the fact that a fraction of a fraction of buyers will drive the car let alone coax it to a top of lung sprint.  A nearly 1,000hp Demon is Demon. A nimble Miata is still the lighthearted roadster God intended. The Jetta is still one of the best transportation values money can buy.  So, while every manufacturer is threatening a fully autonomous future and substituting seriously lethargic words like mobility for car, they still keep their word when it counts.  We should celebrate this and hope they never figure out that 99% of their consumers are not even looking. For now, anyway, you can trust your Kia Stinger more than your 24 hour allergy pill.

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